300 H Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series Teacher Training Course - 4 Weeks
Course Pre-Requisites:
200 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Primary TTC from our school or 2 years of practice on the Primary Series

Course Material provided with the program:  

David Swenson Ashtanga yoga Intermediate Series practice Manual.

Course fee:

1400 USD (Shared Accommodation) & 1500 USD (Individual Accommodation)  The fee includes only accommodation. The students should budget an extra of 200 USD for food.

For any additional queries or to
submit your application email us at info@yogakerala.net or info@ashtangamysore.net

Course Start Dates: December 10th to January 6th

Daily Schedule* (Sample Schedule)

Monday through Friday
6.00am-8.00am      Led/Mysore Intermediate Series
8.00am-10.30am     Breakfast break
10.30am-12.00pm    Asana Methodology
12.00pm-3.00pm     Lunch Break
3.00pm-4.00pm      Vinyasa krama/Asana sequencing
4.00pm-5.00pm      Pranayama theory/Practice
5.00pm-5.15pm        Tea Break
5.15pm-6.30pm        Study of Yoga Sutras
6.30pm-7.00pm       Meditation

*Classes are subject to changes/additions to cover all subjects.

Some classes will be shared with the 200H TTC students as they are fundamental for the practice.

Saturday Mysore & Sunday Holiday


Asanas - Methodology, Adjustments & Vinyasa Krama

This Intermediate series asana list is preceded by the fundamental standing asanas (from Samasthiti to Virabhadrasana B) and succeeded by the finishing asanas (from Urdhva Dhanurasana to Shavasana).

1. Pashasana  2. Krounchasana  3. Shalabhasana A 4. Shalabhasana B 5.Bhekasana  6.Dhanurasana  7.Parshva Dhanurasana  8.Dhanurasana  9.Ustrasana  10.Laghu Vajrasana  11.Kapotasana A  12.Kapotasana B 13.Supta Vajrasana  14.Bakasana A  15.Bakasana B  16.Bharadvajasana 17.Ardha Matsyendrasana  18.Eka Pada Shirshasana  19.Dwi Pada Shirshasana 20.Yoga Nidrasana  21.Tittibhasana A  22.Tittibhasana B  23.Tittibhasana C 24.Pincha Mayurasana  25.Karandavasana  26.Mayurasana 27.Nakrasana 28.Vatayanasana  29.Parighasana  30.Gomukhasana A  31.Gomukhasana B  32.Supta Urdhva Pada Vajrasana 33.Mukta Hasta Shirshasana A 34.Mukta Hasta Shirshasana B  35.Mukta Hasta Shirshasana C 36.Baddha Hasta Sirshasana A  37.Baddha Hasta Sirshasana B 38.Baddha Hasta Sirshasana C  39.Baddha Hasta Sirshasana D

Study of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Sadhana Pada, Chapter on Practice

Study of Bandhas & Mudras According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Advanced Pranayama Practices

Meditation Practices & Meditation Techniques

Teaching  & Practicum

Test (Theory and Practical)

Karma Yoga Practice